let's get to know each other

Hi! I'm Danielle.

I am a Los Angeles-based family and portrait photographer who specializes in capturing genuine moments for real people. My approach when photographing a family is to try to convey the story of this particular moment in a family's history. If I can get at least one photo that you both love and find unexpected, I will feel that I've achieved my goal.

More About Me

1. I'm a mom of three. I never imagined myself with more than two kids, but when my husband said he wanted to fill that middle seat in the back of the car, I said, sure, why not? Just kidding. I didn't say that. But I didn't say no, and now I'm thankful for my matching set of three little girls.

2. I'm a proud 2nd gen Taiwanese-American who can speak conversational Taiwanese, but has embarrassingly poor Mandarin skills. Despite that, or maybe because of, I send my kids to a Mandarin dual language program so I can live vicariously through them. Side note: no, I'm not Korean. I just married one.

3. We have become avid campers during pandemic. Our favorite parks are Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Zion. How is camping with three young children, you ask? It's exhausting, but they love it. We are lucky to live within driving distance of some amazing state and national parks.

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